๐ŸŽ™ Episode #006: Networking as a Freelancer: Why I've Joined a Networking Group

Having attended a networking group as a guest, I decided to join as a member. Hereโ€™s my experience with 4Networking so far, and what freelancers & business owners can get from it.



0.53: Wimbledon Tennis -> https://www.wimbledon.com
The queue -> https://www.wimbledon.com/en_GB/atoz/queueing.html

1:30: National Freelancers' Day -> https://www.nationalfreelancersday.com/

1:35: Mastermind Groups -> https://liveyourlegend.net/how-to-create-your-ultimate-mastermind-group-workbook/

1:44: Fizzle Jumpstart -> https://fizzle.co/jumpstart

2:08: A new name for the podcast! The Honest Content Show -> The Honest Freelancer Show

2:56: Honest Content -> https://www.honestcontent.net/

3:43: A word on content marketing & tangible results

4:10: The first 6 to 12 months for a freelancer...

4:22 The 2 ways I've been using to find clients

5:58: Networking through a networking group

6:40: My feelings about 'networking' at events, & my introversion

7:48: Last episode - going away to Tenerife for a month -> https://www.honestcontent.net/podcast/005

8:05: How the whole networking thing first happened for me

8:25: BNI Networking -> https://bni.co.uk

8:45: 4Networking -> https://www.4networking.biz/

9:15: The similarities between BNI & 4Networking

9:30: 4Networking's meeting format

11:15: The 3x 1-to-1 meetings at a 4Networking event

11:55: Pitching for 40seconds around the table

12:50: 4Networking membership options, 3-, 6-, and 12-month

13:04: Sharing some early success for my business using 4N

13:35: What I really like about 4Networking (Passport) membership - freedom and flexibility to choose

14:40: More about the (4Sight) presentation at a 4Networking meet

15:21: 4Networking vs BNI, comparing the two networking groups

17:45: How much I pay for my 4Networking membership

18:40: Recruitment & networking

18:48: Sending email pitches versus networking (online vs real-life interactions)

19:50: Why networking groups are especially relevant to freelancers / solo business owners

20:46: Final thoughts; the beauty of 4Networking - facetime new friends & follow-ups

My 4Networking referral link: https://www.4networking.biz/?ref=185451
Use this to book & attend a meeting as a guest, and experience a 4Networking meeting for yourself.

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