🎙Episode #004: Why You Need to Care About Community as a Business-Owner

Why I care so much about community, and why you should too, especially if you are a founder or a business-owner.




2:04: The loneliness of the founder’s journey.

2:19: On my starting out as a ‘digital nomad’, aka working whilst travelling.
Co-working spaces:
Regus - https://www.regus.com/
WeWork - https://www.wework.com/

Co-living in Tenerife:
Nine Coliving - https://www.ninecoliving.com/

3:25: On being a remote employee in my previous role at the mortgage network.
Beneficial Life - https://www.beneficiallife.co.uk/

4:18: Why I chose (Nine) co-living as my 1st ‘digital nomad’ experience, and the initial concerns I had about living & working with others.

6:10: The importance of the notion of ‘community’ for me, personally, especially in recent years

6:45: Fizzle’s latest blog post: How to become a remote employee

6:55: The possibilities of embracing remote working as an independent mortgage adviser

7:28: Fizzle: how I ended up joining, & what membership gives me (Courses + community + Mastermind group + overall good vibes)

Fizzle - https://fizzle.co/
Get 5 months free using my referral code - http://fizzle.co?aid=23977

8:28: More on the Fizzle community and my Fizzle Mastermind Group
Video-calling with Zoom - https://zoom.us/

9:07: What it’s possible to do for your customers by building a community around them

10:03: The 2 big takeaways on community from this episode

10:55: my big aim with HonestContent

13:02: what to expect from The Honest Content Show from here on in, as a mortgage adviser

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