🎙Episode #003: My First 3 Months in Business: My Sales & Marketing Strategy

Whilst getting started on my new business, HonestContent.net, a look at the approach I am taking towards my sales & content marketing, with a look at both the short-term and the medium- to long-term. 


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1:14: The #1 priority for my business, HonestContent, right now

2:04: The ways I have been connecting 1-to-1 with customers

4:08: Sending video pitches to clients on email, and tracking as they are watched; Loom - www.loom.com

5:01: My attitude to receiving a ‘no’/’not right now’ response, or being ignored completely

5:27: Honest Content blog, podcast, free guide
HonestContent blog: https://www.honestcontent.net/blog
Podcast: https://www.honestcontent.net/podcast
Free guide for small business owners - https://www.honestcontent.net/free-guide

5:35: Who I am targeting - the niche I have identified for HonestContent

6:11: My short- and medium-long term sales & marketing strategies

6:50: Attracting & capturing potential customers / visitors to your website

7:45 Different types of content; how e-books can be so effective as lead magnets; when to think about producing a downloadable e-book for your business

8:36: What’s the secret sauce re: building your customer community?

9:52: The advantage of committing to a content strategy up-front

10:28: What your sales & content marketing strategy should look like, in summary

11:30: Being proactive: where your early sales will come from

11:56: Networking events; BNI and 4Networking

12:28: Leading your customers down ‘The Garden Path’ -> free guide: https://www.honestcontent.net/free-guide

13:46: My 3-month business strategy for HonestContent in one sentence.


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