🎙Episode #001: An Introduction to the Honest Content Show

A look at why I started HonestContent.net, my 2nd business, just a few weeks ago. An early look at comparisons between this business and my 1st business, including an anecdote on business cards.



2.41: Slovenia - LonelyPlanet: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/slovenia
(I visited Ljubljana, Lake Bohinj & Lake Bled)

4.24: My 1st MVP, basic website w/ rates + services: http://www.jasraj.me/

5.38: My first business, Thriva Programme:
The Story Behind Thriva - https://www.edspace.io/blog/2016/8/10/7hcff8m3mu84qzrrp6p4xyyksry62b
Video - https://vimeo.com/179484109

6.49: My post + short video following the networking event I went to this week:

7.45: My current website: https://www.honestcontent.net/

9.01: My Content Marketing Strategy:
Content - https://www.honestcontent.net/blog
Free guide for small business owners - https://www.honestcontent.net/free-guide

11.15: Tom Ross, DesignCuts CEO & The Honest Entrepreneur podcast.
Tom’s business - https://www.designcuts.com/
Tom’s podcast (iTunes) - https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-honest-entrepreneur-show/id1439818353?mt=2
Tom’s podcast (libsyn) - https://honestentrepreneur.libsyn.com/

12.08: Business cards; I ordered mine from Moo - https://www.moo.com/uk/ (standard thickness, w/ rounded edges)

14.18: My month working from Tenerife; I’m staying at this co-living space in the North of the island: https://www.ninecoliving.com/

14.45: An online community & Slack channel for digital nomads, NomadList: https://nomadlist.com/

17.42: the career-changers course I did, at Escape the City: http://escapethecity.org/

17.50: Deepak Ravindran, co-founder at Oddbox; https://www.oddbox.co.uk/

18.20: My first 2 videos on LinkedIn/Instagram, which Deepak was referring to re: the blurriness:
Video 1 - https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6522875187803746304
Video 2 - https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6523950763562139648

Email: jas@honestcontent.net
Social Channels: Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn