Chapter Two: The different types of content

CHAPTER 2: The different types of content

There are 3 different forms of content that you will see on websites & on social media. 

As this guide is concerned with helping you make your business digital, we will be concerning ourselves with online content, and specifically, that which is in the written form.

Of course, though, (written) content can also be offline - for example in the form of leaflets, flyers, letters, brochures.

The 3 different forms of online content are:

1. Written 
2. Audio
3. Video

Whilst at HonestContent our focus is on the written word, this particular guide is thus focused on number 1 in the list above. That said, let us first take a look at the two other forms of content, which are also important in their own right.

2. Audio
Podcasting is an incredibly powerful form of content. I have personally listened to podcasts before buying a product or service. For example, I listened to The Fizzle Show for a while before purchasing a membership to the Fizzle community, over at

I am still a member there to this day, paying them monthly for the privilege. It’s an awesome community with an excellent library of courses for digital entrepreneurs.

Some of the statistics around podcast listeners are quite astounding. For example, there are an estimated 67mn regular podcast listeners in the United States, and around 5mn in the UK. As more and more of us discover podcasts and become listeners, these numbers will continue to rise. It also won’t be long before we’ll be able to listen directly to podcasts through our car stereos.

Podcasts can be listened to on the morning commute, at the gym, whilst walking, or otherwise during idle time.

Many industries, such as the Financial Services industry, are largely lagging behind when it comes to podcasting, just as they are with written content. 

Nick Synnott is the host of the ClimbInConsulting podcast, using the show as part of his marketing/brand strategy to promote his business, CreateEngage. In his words:

"By producing your own podcast you can develop a real connection with your guests and your audience whilst positioning your firm at the centre of the industry conversation. In doing so you build your firm’s brand, demonstrate credibility and attract prospective clients directly to you.”

3. Video
Like audio, with video you can access a whole new audience segment - those who choose to consume video content over written or audio content.

It also adds another layer of connection than is possible through words.

Whether it’s a homepage/landing page video, or a ‘how to’ video on your website/to share on social media channels, video is another way to show your personality and build an emotional connection, whilst also positioning yourself as an authority in the area in which your product/service is serving.

Like audio, video can be a highly effective form of content which you can use to attract and engage your customers. Shorter-form videos often work best, due to the way in which consumers consume video on social feeds. This is why videos you see on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are often between 1 and 3 minutes long.

Videos can also aid your sales process, by being attached to sales outreach emails, or by integrating them within an email sequence/auto-responder (more on this later in the Guide).

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