Why You Need to Hire a Writer for Your Business

It’s a funny thing, is marketing. I never actually knew what it was, until I started doing it for myself with the blogs I have run, and also when I was building my first business, Thriva Programme.

Now that I do it, I’m constantly learning all of the time. Like with anything, I think that’s the beauty of it. (I’m pretty sure that’s why my father has been playing golf weekly for about 15 years, for example; you’ll drive well one day, and putt poorly another, and then you’ll be great at putting on another day, but your pitching might be slightly off).

There’s always more to learn, you’re never quite done with it. The day I fully “get it”, or think I do, will probably be the day I should stop doing it.

The same could be said for Sales, or Finance, or Operations. Can you ever really be a compete master at any one of them? Can you be a complete master of anything?

They are all such broad terms with encompass lots of facets. Marketing is the same. I had no idea that a huge, big, whopping part of Marketing was Content Marketing, and writing. Who knew? (Why, oh why, did I overwhelmingly pick the Sciences and Maths at school?).

This marketing lark has existed from way, way before computers, even before Bill Gates first declared more than 20 years ago that ‘content is king’; Joe Pulizzi at the Content Marketing Institute dates it back as far as 1732 when Benjamin Franklin first published the yearly Almanack (Back to the Future, anyone?) to promote his printing business, more on that here.

In those early days of the internet, page loads were slowwwww. I remember listening to that familiar pattern of whirring noises which preceded the successful connection of my 28k dial-up modem. Each page would load painfully slowly, and that’s even if it loaded at all. Error pages after waiting minutes for a page load. Not cool.

Back then, it was just those crazy, funky, cool kids who really got in on the action and delved fully into the deepest corners of the early web. The early adopters, if you will. Before, eventually, the rest of us followed suit. I remember how exciting the internet was in those early days. How that excitement built. And then how exciting it was when smartphones came along. And Facebook, which literally appeared right before I went to university from secondary (high) school.

Now that we all have a smartphone, we are spending our time on the internet through our phones, more time than ever before. You know it’s an extreme situation when even the CEO of Apple is admitting that he’s glued to his phone...

But in those very early days you were cool and ahead of the curve just for having a basic, weird-looking site. It may not have been the easiest thing on the eye, but the point is that you still had one.

In amongst all of this, blogging slowly became more of a thing and, again, if you had for example a website/blog about hiking, you were ahead of the curve. However shoddy you content was, you were there with a hiking website, one of very few, and your mediocre content and web presence may have been enough to pick up a small -> reasonable audience.

In 2019, the situation couldn’t be more different. There are hundreds and even thousands of website in every area. (PS. This is why choosing a specific niche is really important!).

The noise out there is plentiful, even overwhelming. There is a paradox of choice that exists, because a lot of the information on whatever the thing it is you are looking for (product or service) is similar at best, regurgitated at worst.

So, what to do…?

The only content that will truly stands ou, that folks will take notice of and will feel an emotional connection with, that they’ll read in their entirety and derive great value from, is that which is well-written and engaging and stand-out.

credit:  rawpixel

credit: rawpixel

And guess who it is that writes well-written and engaging content? That’s right, writers. Or, at least, those who have committed to the craft of writing and have spent time practising and honing this very craft. They love what they do, they have learnt how to write well and for the reader, and they know how to capture the attention and interest of said reader.

The ideal piece of content will be one that your reader comes across at just the right time, and which they lap up and read from start to finish. They’ll reach the end and either take action on that call-to-action, or they’ll continue to read more of your articles. Either way, their connection with you will deepen, and they will slowly nudge themselves along that garden path of yours. www.honestcontent.net/free-guide

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It all boils down to this.

Someone who is well-versed in the art & craft of writing is best placed to write contact that attracts, that engages, that converts.

In WriteWithImpact episode 49, Brian Clark - the legendary founder of Copyblogger - suggests that, today, business should hire a content writer rather than do it themselves. Someone who will do an organisation’s content justice with skill and enjoyment of writing.

Just like coding should be left to developers, so should blogging be left to content writers.

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Any questions?
I love questions. And I really love this stuff; I’ve spent over 7 years selling B2B & B2C, and over 4 years writing content.

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