How an E-Book Could Super-Charge Your Inbound Sales

You ran your analytics for your website over the last 6 months. You’ve been posting blog content consistently, even dabbling in some guest-posting here and there. Heck, you even have a rigid content plan, knowing what to post and when.

You can see spikes and troughs in your website traffic, seemingly random.

But… all of these page views, all of these clicks… and yet the conversion rates are so low. Why isn’t anyone booking a demo, or a sales-call, or clicking that great big BUY button? Like, what’s the deal with that?

Hmm. There’s something not right here. You’re clearly getting traffic, but you’re not capturing & converting this traffic to full effect. You’re not giving your customers enough of what they want. As Seth Godin would say, you’re not feeding them the fish.

By now, you’ll have realized that the average person just ain’t gonna sign up on their 1st visit. In fact, 92% of your visitors don’t even visit your site with the intention to buy. Couple that with the fact that you gotta win your customer over, and that very rarely happens from a 1st visit, you have to build a relationship with your customers. And that’s done by building trust through being nice, honest + demonstrating great value. (AKA showing off, humbly).

And the way to be able to build a relationship with them, long after (or shortly after) they’ve visited your website before getting distracted with their job, the latest cat video, or dinner-time… is to get their email address.

For a customer to hand over their contact information, you need to give them a big, compelling reason why.

And the clearest way to do that is to give away something of massive value to them. Yes, your blog articles might give them sweet little drops of goodness. But if you want to take it to that next level, if you’d like to lead them that bit further down the garden path - the crucial bit - what you need is an amazing, high value e-book that they’ll be happy to provide you with an email address for (and possibly even a phone number).

I’m not talking a couple of pages in a word doc or on a PDF, something you can throw together in half an hour, a simple gimmick to half-attempt to offer something valuable, and hope they’ll download using their email address.

No, no, no. I’m talking about a professional-looking, beautifully-crafted, expertly-made e-book. The kind you could imagine being on a book-shelf. Your bookshelf. That they’d pick up if browsing Waterstones and read the blurb, before possibly making a purchase.

Except that this time, unbelievably, you’re going to give this to them 100% for free. With no catches, except that pretty little email address of theirs. I’ve seen a couple of incredible e-books on the websites & blogs that I’m visited, and pretty much downloaded them without a second’s thought. That’s how you want your prospective customer to respond. And that’s how you’ll convert more of those visitors to warm leads, who have given you permission to continue a dialogue with them and build a relationship. About 3 years ago, I was looking to transition career and doing a lot of research into what I should do with my life. I came across a particular career change website…

And, guess what? They earned my trust, respect and interest, they continued to engage with me, I kept consuming their content and, eventually, I aid for one of their courses. What got me their business? It was that e-book of theirs. They were so close to becoming just another business website I visited and quickly forgot about.

Your customer  needs  to find you valuable…

Your customer needs to find you valuable…

… in order to trust you. This is what   EBOOKS     do.

… in order to trust you. This is what EBOOKS do.

It’s fine margins, this business of keeping your customer interested and earning their trust & contact details. But the right e-book can get them well onto that garden path of yours and, before you know it, they’ll be getting nearer and nearer to that fountain in the middle.

*source: PR Newswire

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