Content Ideas for Your Blog

Content marketing is becoming increasingly important in the world we live.

Everyone is online. Well, not quite everyone, but we are sure headed that way. There are more than 3 billion people in the world online, that's 42% of the global population; an estimated 84.2% of the US population is online. By 2020, is it estimated that more than half of those with an internet connection will be going online using their mobiles.

This is an online world.

It is for this reason that companies and individuals really need to:
a) have a website, and
b) have a website geared towards taking advantage of their traffic, and converting site visitors -> paying customers.

This is content marketing.

credit:  ColiN00B

credit: ColiN00B

So, you know you need a blog and you need great content for it. Perhaps you already have an existing blog, or you're starting from scratch. Either way, you want content that will capture the attention of your readers and inspire them to take action. This content need to be both valuable to them and engaging.

There are different types of content you can produce, and the advantages of mixing your content up is that it:

a) keeps it more interesting for your readers
b) different types of content will naturally appeal to different readers. (just like some of us prefer slowly, prose-like content, and others prefer sort-and-snappy content. That's a very basic analogy for you).
c) will gives you feedback on what's working well, and what isn't so much, when it comes to looking at your reader analytics. With these insights, you can craft content producing even better results.

So, let's now get into the types of content you can produce on your blog:

A list post
People have different opinions when it comes to list posts. I've heard people say that they're everywhere and the likes of BuzzFeed articles have totally ruined their effectiveness.

Not true. Like it or not, we all love list posts. They're easy to read and digest, and they hook us every time.

A story post
Some might say that every blog post should tell some kind of of story, taking the reader from A -> B. For example, an existing customer's journey from frustration & with a problem before they used your product/service to happy & with their problem solved after using you. Or, the story behind how your company was built, the reals-life relatable trials and tribulations that you experienced. The best content markets will also be great storytellers, and be able to write effective story-content for your blog.

-> Another idea is to double-down on this by producing a long-form piece of content in the form of an e-book or guide for your customers, with useful advice re: solving the specific problem they have (i.e. related to the product or service you are offering).

A 'get to you know us' post
A peek inside the inner workings of your company, such an authentic post can built trust and connection with you. Rather than shoving your offering down their throat in every article you write, instead you're focusing on connecting with them on a more human level. Note: being vulnerable and authentic can go a long way in eliciting an emotional response in your customer and building connection.

An interview post
Interview another expert in your industry, with the view to providing your customer with great value. Your interviewee will like be all-too-happy to share this with their audience (social media / blog), and thus you'll gain access to a whole new group of relevant customers, who'll be directed to your website, will hopefully like what they see, and through that awesome content strategy that you have in place, [take action].

Guest posting
Write for another relevant blog or publication in your space, giving you access to a whole bunch of relevant customers. So, so, valuable and a great one to focus on in the early days of increasing your email list, when you are building your profile and needing to grow your readership.

A great visual aid for your customers to quickly and easily see relevant data that you want them to see. Images catch more attention than words, and our brain can better and more quickly digest infographics compared to text.

So, there you have it. The key thing here is to focus on building amazing, engaging + useful content. Whichever type of post you are putting together. If you do this, consistently, your readership will grow and you know what that means... more potential clients, who are reading your awesome content, and who are getting ever-closer to making that all-important sale, or otherwise ambling down the garden path you have laid out for them, leading to the sale.

PS. I love writing e-book guides and case studies for my clients. With these you can incorporate all of the above into one, high value document which will build that connection with your potential customers and bring you closer to that sale. What works time and time again is to have blog articles which point customers to downloading your useful guide / case studies by subscribing to your mailing list... so that they either request a demo/call/contact you after they've read this downloadable document, OR they have given you permission you market to them and thus keep you and the top of their radar. All getting them closer to that sale, through impressing them more & more, and building a stronger & stronger connection with them. #HappyDays