How an E-Book Could Super-Charge Your Inbound Sales

You ran your analytics for your website over the last 6 months. You’ve been posting blog content consistently, even dabbling in some guest-posting here and there. Heck, you even have a rigid content plan, knowing what to post and when.

You can see spikes and troughs in your website traffic, seemingly random.

But… all of these page views, all of these clicks… and yet the conversion rates are so low. Why isn’t anyone booking a demo, or a sales-call, or clicking that great big BUY button? Like, what’s the deal with that?

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Why the Tone of Voice That You Use in Your Content is Critical.

Look around the web, and what do you see? Whether you're on a computer or on a Mac or surfing on your mobile, there is information everywhere these days.

Information in the form of social media and websites and blogs. There may once have been a time when content was a commodity. Not any more. That date has long since passed. There's lots of content freely available everywhere, on pretty much every platform you can think of. (We’re being fed information and advertising everywhere, whether on the web or in real life).

It's for this reason that, these days, more so than every before, your content has to be really special.

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Is Content Still King? Yes, Yes It Is.

Back in 1996 Bill Gates declared that “Content is king”.

This was over 20 years ago and, remarkably, the internet had it’s 30-year birthday last week. Back then was a time when awareness around new-age ‘permission marketing’ was emerging. It was when blogs were a little-known thing, and you had to search for them in the deepest corners of the internet to find them.

Today, the story is very different. Blogs are everywhere, with some even proclaiming that it is too late to jump on the blogging bandwagon.

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Content Ideas for Your Blog

Content marketing is becoming increasingly important in the world we live.

Everyone is online. Well, not quite everyone, but we are sure headed that way. There are more than 3 billion people in the world online, that's 42% of the global population; an estimated 84.2% of the US population is online. By 2020, is it estimated that more than half of those with an internet connection will be going online using their mobiles.

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