A note on different marketing approaches (+ the ONE rule)

Blogs, social media, SEO, newsletters. Inevitably, you’ll hear different folks championing one of these above the others.

Here’s the thing, they all have their place. There will always be different approaches you can take; after all, there’s more than one way of getting from A to Z. I have been saying to my clients that there is value in every approach you hear being talked about.

My personal style is serving your customers and potential customers by consistently adding value through content.

That’s it.

Offering good advice, being of help and of use, and organically telling your story about who you are and what you stand for. This is what gets folks on your radar, what lets them connect with you as a person or a company brand, and draws them to you.

I do like to measure stats to an extent, using GoogleAnalytics installed on my Squarespace website, but there are also stats which cannot be measured.

An example of this
in her recent 10-year anniversary podcast episode, Joanna Penn talks about how she has now gotten to a point where, last year, her podcast accounted for 10% of her revenue (through sponsorships and Patreons), but the value it has provided over the years, through community members and customers finding her through the podcast, is immeasurable. It is very difficult to measure podcast listener -> customer conversion stats. And yet Joanna has no doubt that, in her own words, her podcast is one of the most worthwhile things she has created for her business. It is her brand, what she is most proud of, and what she thinks holds the most value in her business.

Listen to the episode: 10 Years of the Creative Penn Podcast

A quote I heard recently on an another podcast was to be data-informed, but not necessarily data-driven; aka, you don’t need to let the data tell you exactly what you need to do, but at the same time don’t ignore it.

Serve your customers. That’s it.  credit:  mohamed_hassan

Serve your customers. That’s it. credit: mohamed_hassan

With marketing, I feel that there is just one rule to stick by. It requires you to take a long-term view. There’s no quick-fix. Anyone who offers you one should be treated with a lot of caution, or ignored.

Here it is:

Provide consistent value to your customers.

If you do that, your customers will come, they just will.

Joanna Penn’s podcast is one example. Offering excellent blog content and a blow-your-customer-away e-book is another. I saw an acquaintance of mine speak recently at an event (this one), and he reminded me about what he does to go above and beyond; he will take your call or answer a message, anytime. His name is Akhil Mair, is one of the most proactive mortgage advisers I have come across. Whether call, or email, or even Whatsapp (this last one is popular, apparently!), Akhil will be there on the other side and quick to follow-up with you.

There are dozens upon dozens of marketing approaches out there. Start with one, choose ONE thing you will commit to doing.

It might be a weekly blog post. It might be a fortnightly networking event. It might be monthly office hours. It might be taking an SEO course to learn how to do that better, so you can SEO-optimize every piece of content you put out there.

Choose one thing, and do it.

And remember, you’re in this game for the long-haul. Hold that in mind, and you’ll be glad you did.

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